CA CDI Approved Bail Training School
Bail Bonds & Bounty Hunter Certification

This Bailspeak Online Bail Training and Continuing Bail Education Website is under heavy renovations in keeping with Bailspeak’s pledge to be innovative in its California Department of Insurance Approved and Taser Authorized class and course offerings via online classes, DVD and Manual Combination Bail CE, and cutting-edge continuing Bail Education correspondences courses approved for various lengths of continuing bail education hours.


Please feel free to visit any of the below listed websites for Live Bail Training Classes that are California Department of Insurance Approved for 20 Hours of Bail Agent Pre-Licensing and up to 18 Hours of Continuing Bail Agent Renewal Hours.


·         20 Hours Bail Agent Prelicensing –

·         Bail Agent Pre-Licensing –

·         CA Bounty Hunting Services –

·         Bounty Hunting Laws –

·         Jobs for Ex Police and Security Guards –

·         Sacramento’s Premier Bail Training School –

·         Los Angeles Bail Training Videos – Los Angeles Bail Agent Pre-Licensing

·         Bail Bond Motions –

·         Bail Bond Marketing – Social Media Advertising

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